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May 27, 2015

Planning Your Dream Home

Building a home for our family is a dream shared by most of us. Whether we are dreaming of a bungalow by the sea, or a mansion on a hill, it is only natural for us to want a place to call home. So when the time comes for you to make your dream reality, it should be one of the most exciting times in your life. And with proper planning and forethought it can be. These principles can be applied equally to doing alterations on your existing home.

We all plan even the most mundane events of everyday life, such as, ‘what am I going to have for dinner?’

We normally plan even more carefully when it is a slightly more long term commitment, such as, ‘what shoes am I going to buy?’

So if we put so much thought into that dinner we will enjoy for an hour, or those shoes we will wear for a season, how much more shouldn’t we plan the building we will be calling home for decades? And this is why we look for someone to draw up some building plans, or house plans for us. At this point, something that cannot be stressed enough is the importance of having good planning done by qualified and skilled people who have taken the time to get to know you and what you want. Any outlay of time, effort, and resources at this stage is very well worth it.

 In this series our contributors will discuss topics such as:

  •  Building or Buying? Which is for me?
  • 10 Tips for taking the stress out of building
  • What sort of designer do I need for my project?
  • The National Building Regulations: How do they affect me?
  • 10 Tips for designing my dream home.

 If you are thinking of building in the near future, please feel free to contact us at Fineline, for a free quotation. We will consult with you and provide you with a tailor made quote based on your unique requirements.

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